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What is a Service?

Service: Repository containing service.yaml file inside .oblivious directory

A Service is a specific branch or release/tag of a repository containing a special directory .oblivious and a special file service.yaml which holds the information for the Oblivious Console to build and run it inside a secure enclave.

Validation of a Service:

Service could be valid or invalid based on the contents of .oblivious directory and service.yaml file. If the contents of service.yaml match with the schema needed by Oblivious Console and .oblivious directory contains a Dockerfile then it is marked as a valid service.

Note: Only a valid service can be deployed.

A Service can be identified from the repository name, and the name of the branch/tag/release from which it is created.

Where to find Services?

Navigate to Services on Oblivious Console.


The services page lists all the available services created on the Console.

A Service can be in valid or invalid state indicated by a โœ“ or a โ˜“ in the Valid column of the services list respectively

On Services page one can:
  • Revalidate a Service by clicking on โ†ป in valid column
  • Create a Deployment from any valid Service
  • Delete a Service from the list of Services