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Oblivious Console: Quickly deploy secure applications using enclaves

Oblivious Console ( enables deployment of applications in an isolated execution environment, known as Nitro Enclaves, along with Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control all taken care of behind the scenes.

The Console provides quick, easy, and automated way to deploy any application inside secure execution environment in a matter of minutes with an intuitive UI, all the while taking care of some core features required to enable privacy at scale.


Features of Oblivious Console

Console automates the process to develop and deploy applications inside enclaves. It may take anywhere from days to months, to explore peculiar nature of the enclaves and to enable applications to run inside them.

Console automates the entire process and takes care of the infrastructure behind the scenes along with service additions from Oblivious.

Any application that can run inside a docker container can be launched inside an isolated secure virtual machine having pre-built services from Oblivious like:

Oblivious Console makes it easy to deploy applications with secure enclave technology saving the time and development efforts required to accommodate application changes for execution inside enclaves.