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Create a Deployment


  • A valid service present in services list.
  • Credits available in account for at-least one hour of the time for deployment size chosen.

Create Deployment:

Deployment creation can be divided in 2 parts, deployment details, like the geographical region etc., and application details like actual users, and infrastructure needed by the deployment.

Note: A deployment can only be created for a valid Service.

Create a Deployment - Part 1 - Deployment details:

Create Deployment

  • Deployment Name: Name of the Deployment e.g.: OpenDeployment. This name can be used by users of the service to search for this Deployment.
  • Region Name: Region in which the Service is to be deployed. You can choose from a list of supported regions
  • Visibility Type: The visibility mode for the deployment to be created
    • Private: Deployment is visible only to the the users it is shared with in Find & Connect section of Oblivious Console
    • Public: Deployment is visible to all the users in Find & Connect section of Oblivious Console
  • Environment Type: The type of the environment this deployment is Development/Production
  • Tags: Tags can be used later on to identify the deployment

Create a Deployment - Part 2 - Authenticaion, Infrastructure details:

The second form of Deployment creation takes information about the actual users, their authentication keys, and the infrastructure required for the application.

Create Deployment

  • auth: This section is generated based on the Authentication mode selection while creation of the service
  • auth_name: Select the name of the authentication defined while creation of the service
  • signature_type: For PKI auth specify the type of the signature used e.g.: RSA Create Deployment
  • user_name: username of the user to be allowed access to. The parent section of username is based on the User Roles specified while Service creation.
  • public key: This section is based on the Authentication mode selection while Service creation, for public key enter the user's public key in base64 format as provided in this example.
  • additional_args: Build arguments if provided will be prompted here for user input.
  • infra_reqs: Infrastructure requirements by the application. Choose CPU/RAM pair as needed. CPUs are listed as vCPUS and RAM is listed in GBs.

Finalize Deployment:

Click on Create Deployment button to finalize deployment creation.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for the infrastructure to be deployed and for the application to be online - for current status - check Deployment status in Deployments tab.