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Oblivious Technology: Build and deploy trustworthy software.

Sending your data to an API can be dangerous business. With every POST request, somewhere in the back of our head, we think:

  • What is the API doing with my data?
  • Who can access the server and use my data for extraneous purposes?
  • Will my data really be wiped after its usage, or will a fragment of it remain on a server, in a log or database trace?

All are legitimate questions, and we have had to trust the API builder and maintainer in good faith.

Well, not anymore! Over the past number of years, the major cloud providers have introduced various secure enclave offerings which allow us, the developer community, to build and deploy APIs with functionalities guaranteed by the cloud provider (and/or the chip manufacturer) whose infrastructure hosts the API.

Our tools help you to build and deploy APIs using secure enclaves on cloud platforms by removing many of the technical challenges associated with enclave development in two ways. First, we provide automated CD tools to aid in deployment. Second, we offer proxies that allow you to connect to an enclave from your computer or server securely.